There is always great news in the development and research around cochlear implants: Technological innovations, studies and research findings – read interesting scientific articles on hearing implant systems here!

Hearing and Social Skills

It is not just cognitive or emotional impairments that can influence the development of social skills, hearing ability also plays a part in that.

Wanted: Double Security

The ability to hear with both ears is a duplication with a back-up. Users expect their implant to be reliable and safe - bilateral users expect that twice as much.

More than the sum of its parts

Our second ear is more than just a backup for our hearing: it significantly facilitates our everyday life. This is why experts call for hearing restoration in both ears.

Hearing diversity

About half the cochlear implant (CI) recipients use a hearing aid in the other ear. To ensure that these two different hearing systems work together well, the CI needs to replicate natural hearing.

Hear Life to the Full

Cochlear implants are designed to help develop these essential everyday life abilities in people with unilateral hearing loss.

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